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Manufacturers require more reporting, traceability, and continuity of
data than ever before. Intelligent 3D CAD models are now the standard
design authority in manufacturing and continue the digital thread
throughout the manufacturing.

Verisurf metrology software lets you see the difference between the
nominal CAD  design and finished machine part in real-time. Perfect for
fast, in-process first article or automated production inspection that
improves your manufacturing enterprise. More…

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“We purchased Verisurf with a PCMM arm in 2006 and have been able to perform all of our FAIs, both model-based and blueprint type, in-house, significantly reducing costs and achieving much better flow through the inspection department.”

American Aircraft Products Inc. - Glen EllisDirector of Quality

“Verisurf metrology software is doing its part in maintaining precision in the shop and on the launch pad. We use it for everything from tooling fabrication to pre-launch preparation.”

SpaceX - Larry MosseTooling Operations Manager

“The people at Verisurf are very easy to work with and they are always interested in our ideas on how to make the software better. We have a difficult time coming up with ideas the software doesn’t already do!”

Coast Composites, Inc. - Jerry AnthonyPresident

“Before we implemented Verisurf our quality team had to learn and maintain three different software programs to operate all our current and legacy measurement hardware. Now, Verisurf does it all; the savings in training and maintenance costs alone have been huge.”

Engineered Manufacturing Solutions - Balazs OrmaiPresident

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